Columbo Animal Hospital

[Columbo animal hospital in Funabashi city, Chiba prefecture, Japan.]

[Animals that can be examined are dogs and cats]

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column to protectsColumbo VET column to protect your pet

@There are no animal nurses in my hospital.Owners of my hospital should wear a mask.

    "infection from the veterinarian to the owner""infection from the owner to the veterinarian"

 The purpose is to prevent both of these.

 Owners without masks should not enter the hospital.

AOwners who are not feeling well should consult another veterinary clinic.

 Becouse my hospital asks the owner to hold your pet during the examination and treatment.

I sincerely hope that you can survive this difficult situation with everyone.

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《Examination target》Dog・Cat

《Time》9:00〜19:00(No reservation required)

《Closed days》Friday

《Parking》Infront of the hospital

※Precoutions:The owner will retain the pet during diagnosis and treatment.

《Adress》  〒274-0077 Pretty Building1A 6-4-3Yakuenndai, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture


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《Director》Tetsuya Okimatsu(veterinarian)・Born in Funabashi city,Chiba prefecture


May,2002       Graduated from Iwate University Faculty of agriculture,Department of Veterinary Medicine

April,2002〜February,2006  Shiniwate Agricultural cooperative (Daily and beef cattle veterinarian)

April,2006〜Septemver,2008 「Okimatsu Livestock Clinic」

Junuary,2009〜March,2012  Training at a animal hospitai in kisarazu city,chiba prefecture

Octorver,2012  Columbo Animal Hospital opend 〜 until now

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